Software Development

Software Development


COELME srl assists the Customer in every phase of the conception, design, construction and maintenance of the plant.
Particular attention is given to the synthesis of simple, effective and efficient solutions, according to the client’s specifications, in compliance with the current legislation and technical regulations.


The dialogue with the customer and the ten-year experience
of our collaborators allows us to understand the needs
and materially realize them with targeted, intuitive
and scalable solutions.

Production processes are analyzed and we try to
understand how the software will be used,
in order to carefully evaluate the best solution
also from an operational point of view.

Systems can be developed to interact with others,
already existing or under development,
and can be structured to allow a simple future expansion.


The preliminary analysis phase, together with any aother requirements,
leads to choose the technology for software development.


The software is thoroughly tested inside the company before release


COELME srl also follows the installation on site, the final testing phase with the customer and provides post-sales assistance


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