Suite scada

Suite scada




System supervisor

with server-client architecture for production and / or data collection


Web server extension

To monitor and interact with the supervision system with any device connected to the Internet (pc, tablet, mobile phone)


Solution for geographically distributed and / or multi-project systems.

It includes all supervisor functions and the web server and allows data integration and processing from multiple SCALINK projects






SCADA Software (Supervision Control and Data Acquisition) developed by Coelme s.r.l. for plant supervision.

It interfaces with all common PLCs (Siemens, ABB, GE,...) and includes up to 5 light-clients to connect to the server PC.

Born in 1996, it has been developed over the years to be always at the forefront while maintaining the solidity and stability acquired.

It has found application in the iron and steel, naval, petrochemical, paper and energy fields.

Its flexibility also allowed to reach the service sector with the additional FRONTWEB module.

Modular approach

Light. Use only what you need

Multiplicity of data sources

Forget communication obstacles


Easily expandable for your future needs

Customer customization

Made on your needs

Future portability

Continuously updated to stay current



Scalink Brochure and datasheet





Web server module

View and interact with SCALINK supervisory system from anywhere, with any device with an internet connection.

It allows you to view the system supervision as you were on site and / or have new interfaces targeted to meet different needs, for example managerial.

It is possible to add FRONTWEB to an existing SCALINK.

WEB Interface

Display of realtime and

historical SCALINK data on the Internet

for remote monitoring and analysis

Send commands

Allow sending commands and data

to server (always possible, active

on request for security )


Access to web pages with or without


Custom homepage 

It is possible to differentiate the homepage

and visible pages for users

High compatibility

Compatible with all common browsers

(Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari,..)


Suitable for smartphones, tablets and

personal computer




Frontweb Brochure and datasheet




Solution for  geographically distributed and / or multi-project systems.

It includes all SCALINK supervisor functions and FRONTWEB web server and allows SCALINK projects data integration and processing  for:

Management / decisional System

Cost analysis, interfacing with

management systems, Optimization,

performance indices, forecast

Engineering workstation

Development and deploy of projects

related to different plant areas

from a single station.

Unified supervision

Use as unified supervisor for

monitoring and analysis of

different plant areas projects


Distribuited systems

Use as supervisor and/or

management systems for 

geographically distributed






Scalink ONE Brochure and datasheet








Tool for advanced trend display

SCALINK tool for advanced trend data presentation and management usable by any PC connected to the system network. Allow export data in csv format.

Does not require local SCALINK installation.

  • Unlimited traces and stairs
  • 0-100% normalization for signals comparison
  • Stand-alone application with local or remote server connection

DataAnalyzer Brochure and datasheet




Signal acquisition and historicization system for maintenance

It allows to monitor and historicize signals directly from PLC, without interfering with production supervision, whatever it is.

  • Direct acquisition from any PLC
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Quick signals configuration
  • CSV / EXCEL data export
  • Communication diagnostic

Global Recorder Brochure and datasheet