SCADA Software (Supervision Control and Data Acquisition) developed by Coelme s.r.l. for plant supervision.

It interfaces with all common PLCs (Siemens, ABB, GE,...) and includes up to 5 light-clients to connect to the server PC.

Born in 1996, it has been developed over the years to be always at the forefront while maintaining the solidity and stability acquired.

It has found application in the iron and steel, naval, petrochemical, paper and energy fields.

Its flexibility also allowed to reach the service sector with the additional FRONTWEB module.

Modular approach

Light. Use only what you need

Multiplicity of data sources

Forget communication obstacles


Easily expandable for your future needs

Customer customization

Made on your needs

Future portability

Continuously updated to stay current



Scalink Brochure and datasheet

Documents for download