Smart Grid Manager

Smart Grid Manager

Smart Grid Manager (SGM) is a hardware and software system for the automated management of a Smart Grid.
Smart grids are born to face the discontinuity of the production linked to the intrinsic discontinuity of the base source of renewable energy, whether it is sun, wind or sea



SGM is structured as follows:

  • Smart grid management software that coordinates various devices that are part of it; this management consists of a distribution calculation core optimized according to the user’s online settings; the structure of the Smart Grid can be configured using an appropriate graphic interface;
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface for the operator: the graphic appearance can be modified by the user with an editor;
  • Data acquisition and command interface that supports the most widespread standard protocols and allows data exchange with the most widespread PLC / RTU;
  • Interface with the protection system, to monitor electrical events with a chronological recording ( millisecond );
  • Interface compliant to the requirements dictated by the network operator (in Italy TERNA), both for any load shedding and for any remote control / monitoring;
  • Storage with second sampling of all smart grid data, displayable in graphic format (with access time and data presentation less than 2 seconds for 16 tracks) or exportable in table format; in addition, groupings per minute and hour (minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation within the interval) will be pre-calculated.


Following, a gallery with an example of a graphical interface developed for a test system.